Practical tips for preparing your pet’s shipment

Here are some tips to make your pet’s journey safe and comfortable

Mandatory requirements for the carrier


The animal should be able to stand upright with an air gap of about 10 cm between the tip of the ears and the roof of the cage. The size of the kennel must be such that the animal can turn around and easily accommodate itself.

Correct length (A + 1/2B): Measure the length of the animal from the nose to the base of the tail plus half the length of the forelegs. Correct width (C x 2): Measure the width from scapula to scapula x 2. Correct height (D): measure the height of the animal from the feet to the cranial/ear tips and add at least 10 cm.


The carrier used must have the following characteristics:

  • Be IATA (International Air Transport Association) approved
  • It shall be leak proof to prevent opening during transport. It can be made of plastic or wood. Wire cages are not permitted.
  • It is necessary to remove all wheels
  • It must be durable to protect your pet during transportation and be ventilated on four sides to ensure good air quality, but without allowing the passage of the animal’s nose and feet
  • Two water bowls are required and must be fixed to the carrier door
  • Absorbent material must be inserted inside to ensure the comfort of the animal and to prevent the leakage of liquids
  • The leash must not be placed inside the kennel, but tied or fixed on top of it


The animal must have a valid passport with all vaccinations and a Health Certificate.

Additional clinical examinations or import permits are required for some destinations. Contact us, and we will provide you with all the latest information about each state.

Animal welfare tips

Since airlines don’t allow sedated animals, we recommend you:

  • Place a blanket or your favorite toy in the kennel so that the familiar smell has a calming effect on the animal
  • Getting your pet used to the kennel from home: leave it closed in the kennel for one or two hours and then reward it

Every day, we and the airlines ensure a comfortable and safe journey for animal welfare because we care about them just like you.

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